International Workshop on

Visualization Issues for Formal Methods

Programme Committee

Lou Feijs (NL), Kathi Fisler (USA), Tiziana Margaria - (Co-Chair, D). Louise Moser (USA), Doron Peled (USA), Joachim Posegga (Co-Chair, D), Peter Reintjes (USA), Dave Robertson (UK)


SATURDAY, April 4th

09:00 ­ 10:30

Visualising action contracts in object-oriented modelling, S.Kent (U Brighton, UK)

Visualisation of executable formal specifications for user validation, M.Bulent Ozcan (Sheffield Hallam U, UK)

Engineering the usability of visual formalisms: a case study in real time logics, E.Vicario and M.Lusini (U Firenze, I)

10:30 ­ 11:00


11:00­ 12:30

Joint Session with ACoS

Agent-based data services in future IN-platforms, J.Meinköhn (Deutsche Telekom, D) and S.Albayrak (TU Berlin, D)

Graphical input examples and case-based reasoning for identifying formalised behaviour, PJ.Funk and D.Robertson (U Edinburgh UK)

Visualising the behaviour of intelligent networks, C.Capellmann, U.Herzog (Deutsche Telekom AG, D) and S.Christensen (U Aarhus, DK)

12:30 ­ 14:30


14:30 ­ 16:00

Using a visual formalism for system verification in an industrial environment, R. Schlör, B. Josko (OFFIS, D) and D.Werth (Siemens, D)

Symbolic model checking visualization, G.Kamhi, L.Fix and Z.Binyamini (Intel, IL)

Formal methods and customized visualization: a fruitful symbiosis, T.Margaria (U Passau, D) and V.Braun (U Dortmund, D)

16:00 ­ 16:30


16:30 ­ 18:00

A graphical development process environment for formal methods, C.Blank Purper and S.Westmeier (U Bremen, D)

short contributions:

A logical foundation for object diagrams, AS.Evans (U Bradford, UK)