Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering

Programme Commitee

E. Astesiano (Italy, chair), M. Bidoit (France), Z. Chao Chen (Macau), D. Craigen (CA), H. Ehrig (Germany), C. Ghezzi (Italy), H. Hussmann (Germany), C. Jones (UK), T. Maibaum (UK), F. Orejas (Spain), G. Renardel de Lavalette (Netherlands), D. Smith (USA), J. Wing (USA), M. Wirsing (Germany)


(at a glance)

MONDAY, March 30th

08:45 ­ 09:00


09:00 ­ 10:30

Constructs, concepts and criteria for reuse in concurrent object-oriented languages, U.Lechner (U St.Gallen, CH)

Navigation expressions in object-oriented modelling, A.Hamie, J.Howse and S.Kent (U Brighton, UK)

Algebra transformation systems and their composition, M.Große-Rhode (U Pisa, I)

10:30 ­ 11:00


11:00 ­12:30

Reflections on the design of a specification language, S.Kahrs and D.Sannella (U Edinburgh, UK)

Behaviour analysis and safety conditions: a case study in CML, H.Riis Nielson, T.Amtoft and F.Nielson (Aarhus U, DK)

Observational proofs with critical contexts, N.Berregeb, A.Bouhoula and M.Rusinowitch (CRIN, F)

12:30 ­ 14:30


14:30 ­ 15:30

Invited Lecture

Generalizing domain theory

Michael Mislove (Tulane U, USA)

15:30 ­ 16:00


16:00 ­ 18:00

Specifying and analyzing dynamic software architectures, R.Allen (IBM, USA), R.Douence (IRISA, F) and D.Garlan (CMU, USA)

Automated formal analysis of networks: FDR models of arbitrary topologies and flow-control mechanisms, JN.Reed (Oxford Brookes U, UK), DM.Jackson (Praxis Critical Systems, USA), DM.Deianov and GM.Reed (Oxford U, UK)

Integrating AORTA with model-based data specification languages, S.Bradley (Durham U, UK), W.Henderson, D.Kendall and A.Robson (U Northumbria at Newcastle, UK)

Model-checking CSP-Z, A.Mota and A.Sampaio (U Pernambuco, Br)

TUESDAY, March 31st

09:00 ­ 10:00

Invited Lecture

Some mistakes I made and what I learned from them

Cliff Jones (Harlequin Ltd, UK)

10:00 ­ 10:30


10:30 ­ 12:30


ALBERT: a formal language and its supporting tools for requirements engineering, E.Dubois (U Namur, B)

RELVIEW - a system for calculating with relations and relational programming, R.Behnke, R.Berghammer, E. Meyer and P.Schneider (U Kiel, D)

MOBY/PLC - a Design Tool for Hierarchical Real-Time Automata, J.Tapken (U Oldenburg, D)

12:30 ­ 14:30


14:30 ­ 16:30

Compositional verification of distributed systems specified by graph transformation, R.Heckel (U Pisa, I)

A rule-based refinement of high-level nets preserving safety properties, J.Padberg, M.Gajewsky and C.Ermel (TU Berlin, D)

Refining formal specifications of human computer interaction by graph rewrite rules, B.Sucrow (U Essen, D)

Distributed safety controllers for web services, A.Sandholm and MI.Schwartzbach (U Aarhus, DK)

16:30 ­ 17:00


17:00 ­ 18:30

Panel discussion

Paradigms of software science - technical versus human aspects

chair: Kai Koskimies (NRC/Hki, FI)

WEDNESDAY, April 1st

09:00 ­ 10:00

Invited Lecture

Extreme programming: a humanistic discipline of programming

Kent Beck (CSLife, CH)

10:00 ­ 10:30


10:30 ­ 12:30

Specifying safety-critical embedded systems with Statecharts and Z: an agenda for cyclic software components, W.Grieskamp, M.Heisel (TU Berlin, D) and H.Doerr (Daimler-Benz, D)

Specifying safety-critical embedded systems with Statecharts and Z: a case study, R.Büssow, R.Geisler (TU Berlin, D) and M.Klar (Fraunhofer Institut, D)

A refinement calculus for Statecharts, P.Scholz (TU Munich, D)

Backtracking-free design planning by automatic synthesis in METAFrame, T.Margaria (U Passau, D) and B.Steffen (U Dortmund, D)