International Workshop on Advanced Communication Services


Roland Rueckert (Telemedia/Bertelsmann, D) and Bernhard Steffen (University of Dortmund, D)


(at a glance)

FRIDAY, April 3rd

14:30 ­ 16:00

TBA (Invited Lecture) Alain Lardenois (Siemens Nixdorf Paris, F)

The Net Academy - a new concept for online publishing and knowledge management, S. Handschuh, U.Lechner, D-M.Lincke, B.Schmid, P.Schubert, D.Selz, K.Stanoevska-Slabeva (U St. Gallen, CH)

16:00 ­ 16:30


16:30 ­ 18:00

Distributed compression of live video - an application for active networks, R.Hess, D.Geske and S.Kuemmel (U Dresden, D)

Incremental scene graph distribution method for distributed virtual environments, K.Kakizaki (Kyoto Institute of Technology, JP)

Value added services in the industrial automation, A.Hergenhan (U Tübingen, D), C.Weiler, K.Weiss (FZI Karlsruhe, D) and W.Rosenstiel (U Tübingen and FZI Karlsruhe, D)

SATURDAY, April 4th

09:00 ­ 10:30

Requirements and a proposal for the prevention of a class of service interactions in intelligent networks, D.Keck (U Stuttgart, D)

INAP protocol test suite verification method using the IUT simulator for AIN system conformance testing, H.Do, S.Bae and S.Kim (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Yusong, KR)

Testing IN protocol implementation, P.Florschütz (Siemens Nixdorf, D)

10:30 ­ 11:00


11:00­ 12:30

Joint session with VISUAL

Agent-based data services in future IN-platforms, J.Meinköhn (Deutsche Telekom, D) and S.Albayrak (TU Berlin, D)

Graphical input examples and case-based reasoning for identifying formalised behaviour, PJ.Funk and D.Robertson (U Edinburgh UK)

Visualising the behaviour of intelligent networks, C.Capellmann, U.Herzog (Deutsche Telekom AG, D) and S.Christensen (U Aarhus, DK)

12:30 ­ 14:30